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Lots of Positives!

A lot of good things are in the planning stages! Looks like the THREE RECORDS zine show is going to be a traveling show very soon. Not announcing it just yet but three other cities have offered a space for the show! Ya hooo! So excited as this zine has been like my little baby [...]

Needles + Pens write up about the show…

Andrew from Needles and Pens took some photos and wrote a little blog from the Three Records exhibit I had there last month. CLICK Here to see/read more! Best to you! Chrissy

A great read…

This book came out some time ago but it’s a really great book and deserves tons of attention. I spent a lot of time with the author on some jobs in Europe and know him to be a really great, caring and hilarious individual. Best, Chrissy CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON THE BOOK!