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Jawbreaker, 1992.

Was contacted this week by a magazine for some old photos of Jawbreaker. Not the best scans but thought I would post them here for people to see. These were taken in Reseda, CA. in 1992. The place was called Cell 63– it was really just a basement in some guys house. Such good memories!!!

Basque Country

Photo from San Sebastion, Spain. We had an entire squat to ourselves. It was in a really beautiful building in a beautiful part of town. Little bakeries and cafes, close to the water. Everyone there was so friendly. I can’t wait to go back to the Basque region. If you don’t know much about that [...]

Oh boyyyyyy

I shot Passion Pit down in Austin a little while ago. After the shoot was over, as I was out front saying goodbye, my friends were in the backyard trying on all the props. Needless to say, we made some photos! Here’s a little grid of my nerdy friends and then one of the Passion [...]

Donut Prince!

I’m always looking for cool or interesting places to do shoots so when some friends mentioned an older Donut shop out in Burbank, I was in! I love donuts! Almost too much I think (is that possible?). Donut Prince in Burbank– good stuff! Not to mention they have some pretty cool little paintings in the [...]

It’s that time again…

It’s summer time again, time to head to the beach as much as possible! Time to learn how to surf (better). I love using those little Fuji point and shoot underwater disposable cameras! They make everything look so old Manhattan Beach, CA June 2010


Just added a new section to my website for the THREE RECORDS ZINE– portraits of (some of the) people in the first three issues. It’s nice to show them in their original form- not photo copied. Click the link to see: Still working on issue #4! Hope everyone is well!CP

Dirty Ghosts

Outtake from a shoot with them in San Francisco. They were (are) fun and funny!