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If you’re going to San Frannncissscccoooo

Be sure to stop by CREATIVITY EXPLORED. Creativity explored is a really great non profit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit and sell their art. Visitors are welcome to look around the place. I can’t tell you how inspiring this place is– TONS and TONS of paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures. [...]

Best friend.

San Sebastion in the Basque Country of Spain. I can’t wait to make it back to this part of the world one day.


I’ve never been one to celebrate the 4th but watching the fireworks is always fun. Some photos of fireworks and friends. Matt was being bad in the last photo and I caught him! Good times…

Sale time!!!

It’s clearance time over at my Big Cartel store! Time to make room for a new issue and new tote bags. Not that they take up much room but it’s always nice to have a sale, right? Please stop by if you have a minute… for example, the above combo of zines and bag is [...]


Funny outtake from a shoot I did with them. Such nice guys.

Expired 669

I miss Polaroid type 669, especially when it’s expired…

Julie Patterson VS. Bob Saget

Found this piece of paper the other day in a box of photos. It had two polaroids taped to it with “Julie Patterson Vs. Bob Saget” written underneath it. I couldn’t stop cracking up. I had photographed Bob Saget when I first moved to LA. I must of photographed Julie in that same week? I [...]