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Shot in Chicago last week. Pshew, was it hot! Happy to be back in the cool weather and Pacific Ocean! Here are some instagram photos of a couple different locations and props! Thanks 8IB for a great shoot!!! Hope to see you all soon!

Another TeddyBears photo

Just rescanned this negative. I love Tri-X. From the TeddyBears shoot I did in Las Vegas.

I was a little BMXer…

On a shoot a few months ago the creative director I was working with asked me shyly if I happened to be the same Chrissy Piper that raced BMX years ago. It was asked in the cutest way that I couldn’t stop smiling! Needless to say we nerded out on BMX the entire shoot. When [...]

Spank Rock

Sweet guy

Kimya Dawson video shoot!

Last month I went up to Olympia, Washington to shoot some photos for the wonderful Kimya Dawson while she was shooting a video. Though I cannot show a lot of them, I can so show some! Video should be out soon and boy is it a good one!


I gave in to instagram.

Mr. Jason Fulford

Jason Fulford is not only a friend but a huge inspiration. His photos make me look at the world in an entirely different way. This is a photo from a day walking around NYC together…  Check his work out here:

Running around Vegas with some TeddyBears

Now that the new TeddyBears record is out I’ve been able to post a lot of the photos from the shoot (see below). Though, I really wanted to show some of the “behind the scenes” photos because we ran in to some pretty funny situations! Imagine three guys walking down the Las Vegas Strip in [...]

Double Dare!

Watched a super inspiring film about stunt women in the film industry the other night. It’s called Double Dare and follows the woman who was Wonder Woman’s stunt woman (Jeannie Epper) as well as Zoe Bell who was Xena’s stunt double and Uma Thurman’s in Kill Bill. Directed and filmed by Amanda Micheli, this documentary [...]

Lucas and Dino.

iPhone photo. I gave in to Instagram. Find me if you’re on it… chrissypiper.