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The Biltmore.

One of my favorite locations in Los Angeles to shoot at… The Biltmore Hotel in Downtown.



Can you spot Kimya in there?

Rainy Day in LA.

Today’s rainy weather has had me thinking fondly of my time in Ireland… Made this photo, out of a car window, while over there. Couldn’t resist. The sign reads “False Teeth Repaired. While U Wait.” Now that is service if you ask me.


When I first moved back to Los Angeles I started reading books about LA’s strange and corrupt past, specifically the influence of the mob and newspaper publishers on the police force and movie studios. It was all so intriguing (and infuriating). One of the cases that often came up was the murder of Elizabeth Short, [...]


Recently restocked all four issues of the THREE RECORDS ZINE that I do as well as the split street photography zine “EVERYDAY” that I did with Brian Maryansky. All four zines available here:

Going Down?

A little video I made… watch for the sweater and the guy getting off the elevator. People are so strange and I love them for that.

Fred Armisen for Esquire

I have a fun photo of Fred Armisen in this month’s Esquire Magazine. Here is the online link to read the interview! Fred is such a kind (and hilarious) guy!

Free People January 2012

I shot the LA section, Guy Aroch shot the NYC section. Here are a couple of my favorites. You can see the entire catalog here: