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Texas, y’all.

It’s not everyday you see a giant US flag attached to the hitch of a truck.

Music Nerds!

Another ad from the Musicians Institute campaign that I shot. Excited to see them as they come out!

Sound check!

Besides touring with her parents, Lil’ Evelyn also takes the time to sound check with the band, Against Me!

Drummer Girl

One of my favorite students from the Musicians Institute shoot. I loved them all but she was really great!

Billboard for MI

The campaign that I shot for the Musicians Institute is finally out! Had so much fun shooting with the students– was nice to spend some time with fellow music nerds! Not to mention, they were all little shredders!!! Here are a couple photos of a billboard (at Hollywood Blvd and Highland in Hollywood) with some [...]

Photo show– Austin, Texas!

Heading down to Austin at the end of the month for this show… come on out if you’re in town!

Round and Round!

What a nice day to be at the park…