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One roll of film, two different worlds.

I sometimes feel like I live in two different worlds. I grew up in the punk scene– I’ve been a part of it for the last 25 years. Many of my closest friends I’ve met going to shows, traveling with bands or doing zines. Then there is the other world – the world of commercial [...]


I have been working on a street photo book for some time now. Making sure to take my time as the last book I did was extremely rushed. It’s nice to scan photos and spend some time with them… here are a few new scans. Not sure if they’ll be in the book or not [...]



The Pink Hotel Book Cover

One of my favorite things in the world to shoot is book covers. There’s just something really nice about spending some time reading the book and then coming up with a visual to match it… It’s a nice little collaboration with the Creative Director and Graphic Designer and something I have really grown to love. [...]