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More street photo scans…

I am currently in the process of going through and scanning negatives for a street photo book I am working on. So many different emotions and memories brought up going through years of negatives. Here are a few more:

More scans!

Another negative I just scanned. Somewhere in the middle of Tennessee, 1998. This was a little store/gas station. Regular gas was 89cents a gallon. The expensive stuff was $1.10 a gallon. Another negative scan. Virginia, 1998. I’ve always found the three crosses to be a bit eerie. Especially in the middle of nowhere, on a [...]

Late nights.

Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I’ll go drive around looking for photos to make. Just scanned a photo from one of those nights.I thought it was a nice little memorial for Whitney…


Been scanning old negatives all day and the last one was of this little girl in Philadelphia. She was trying so hard to coax her wet kitten back in to the house. It had just rained and the cat was a bit traumatized… Such a beautiful little scene to sit back and watch. View Large.


My Grandma and I have this little inside joke. It started years ago when she made a funny pose while I was photographing her. She started cracking up, doing it over and over again. It later became knows as her “movie star pose.” This is a photo of her, some time back, doing her pose [...]

(Another) Artist Rendition!

A fan of Aesop Rock had a photo I made of him tattooed on his arm. So interesting to see photos made in to other forms of art. Pretty flattering that they liked the photo enough to have it on them forever. Though, I know it’s more about AR than the photo!

Artist rendition.

I love this! A fan of Aesop Rock’s did a drawing based on a photo I had made of him. Aesop forwarded it to me. So fun to see people’s interpretations of my photos!!! Sorry, I don’t know the name of the artist…

Mama love.

There’s nothing else like it! Heather and Evelyn Gabel on a cross country road trip a little while back. I think this was somewhere in Arizona… Tri-X, negative scan.

New Orleans

Been watching a lot of Treme lately, especially since they added a character based on friend and amazing journalist AC Thompson. Got to thinking about the last time I was there and dug out some old photos from the trip. Such a beautiful (and eerie) city… Tri-X.