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The Unheard Music

Seriously considering re doing my old book THE UNHEARD MUSIC that came out in 1997. Add some photos from that time, take some away, maybe even a new title. I have tried to get the remaining copies of the first one from the publisher but to no avail. It breaks my heart to see people [...]

Jawbreaker, 1992.

Was contacted this week by a magazine for some old photos of Jawbreaker. Not the best scans but thought I would post them here for people to see. These were taken in Reseda, CA. in 1992. The place was called Cell 63– it was really just a basement in some guys house. Such good memories!!!


Spent a lot of time with my friend Zach this summer. He is a great guy and really fun to make photos of– he started modeling recently… we had a lot of fun taking photos and hanging out, here are some photos from his days in Los Angeles. Hire him, he’s a good one and [...]